Memories: What Will Yours Be?

What are Memories?

Everything one does, says, feels, or experiences in life is stored as a memory. They shape a person’s personality and influence their behavior, attitude, and outlook on life. As life progresses, new memories are formed based on one’s past experiences.

What makes a good or bad memory? How can it affect one’s life?

Everyone starts life as a baby, no memories, just a blank slate capable of becoming any kind of person. From that moment on, everything that happens to that baby will influence his direction and thoughts in life. It will be his own perception of his experiences that logs those memories as good or bad; although, his perception of things may be something he is taught in his youth by those around him. As he grows older, his personality will begin to harden, and as new experiences come his way, he will automatically fall back on older memories to judge what is before him.

Have you ever wished you could change a moment in your life for the better or eliminate a memory altogether?

Painful memories have a powerful impact on the mind. If you could blast them out of your head, then it would be like it never happened. What a perfect solution, right?  But, would it change you? Would you still be you? The reality is that all of the experiences in our life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, form who we are. They help us to grow, be more aware, and make better decisions in life. Dealing with our feelings is much harder than just hitting the delete button, but it is the ups and downs that make life what it is. We begin life, a ball of energy, without any thoughts, and we end life with only memories to keep us company. What will yours be?

Mother teresa and a baby by Kkohdai on deviantART

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