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One of the most damaging things in a family is the feeling of resentment towards each other. When family members do not talk about their grievances with one another, especially over long periods of time, animosity builds up. However, often, not knowing how to express your feelings or being afraid that they won’t be received well can be the cause of most problems. Thus, learning how to communicate with true love and care for one another is the key to fixing these hurt feelings and is the basis of any good relationship, whether it be with your family, friends, or anyone.

Learning these things when you are younger will help to build a strong, emotional foundation, and no matter what happens in life, if you are emotionally stable, you will be able to handle whatever comes your way.

We are always trying to make it great in our family; it takes a lot of hard work, care, love, and a tremendous amount of patience. We have many family talks, where everyone expresses his or her feelings and emotions. At times, it can seem monotonous and tedious, and sometimes, it feels like we move two steps forward and one step back, but at least we are always moving forward. I realize that, no matter how tiring and painful the talks can sometimes be, my parents are helping me to become the person I would like to be, and I will be a stronger person for it.

Side Note: 

  • “Family, a thought that is felt by many and realized by few. In birth we find it, and as the world spins faster, we lose it.” – Read the rest of this poem by Wade Alexander. (It is really good.)
  • In our modern society, the world does seem to be spinning faster and faster, and with more of our communication taking place by texting or over the internet, interactions are becoming more impersonal, and the compassionate side of people appears to be fading. This is most evident, especially, in the competitive environment of Xbox live, where tempers flare, and people feel free to say whatever they want without thought or repercussion for their actions. These are the moments when all that I have learned are truly tested.

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  1. Well written, Ghost Soldier. Your family has learnt to communicate well via your family discussions (even though it takes you away from your video games). It is a pity that not all families think the same way. For some children, school is the only place they feel safe and have someone they can talk to without repercussions.

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